Skin Energising Cleanser

BENEFITS: Cleanses, invigorates, revives

This luxurious gel cleanser helps energise the skin for optimum performance whilst effectively removing makeup and daily grime to reveal a fresh-looking, youthful glow.


  • An anti-ageing trio of acids gently brightens, leaving skin looking invigorated and beautifully revive
  • Infused with an energising Multi-Mineral Solution and Padina Pavonica to leave skin feeling smooth and hydrated
  • Deeply cleanses and leaves skin feeling rebalanced, without over drying or stripping skin of moisture

Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser, 150ml


    Supercharged with energizing minerals Magnesium, Zinc and Copper and a skin-smoothing trio of acids, this luxurious daily cleanser leaves skin feeling purified and invigorated. The refreshing gel formula builds to a soft, rich lather to easily lift away makeup and daily grime while reducing excess oil and impurities for a refreshed and rejuvenated-looking complexion.


    This skin-energizing cleanser rebalances and revives, bringing life back to dull and lackluster skin. A powerful anti-ageing trio of Succinic Acid and Lactic Acid, along with Ferulic Acid found in Acai, is combined with hydrating Padina Pavonica to leave the complexion looking refreshed and deeply cleansed.

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